The Radar Detector Museum

Where do old radar detectors go? The Radar Detector Museum!

Over the years, there have been some intriguing designs for radar detectors and other products designed to warn motorists of speed traps. As technology improves and police radar bands expand, these models become obsolete, but not forgotten. The purpose of this site is to showcase many of these old radar detectors, and to provide a brief early history of radar countermeasures!

Early Police Speed Detection
The Invention of RADAR
The Introduction of Police RADAR
Early Attempts at Countermeasures
The First Radar Detectors
The First Commercial Radar Detectors

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Radar Detectors
(in no particular order)
More detectors will be added to this site as time allows, so don't forget to ckeck back!

Radar Sentry (#0)

Radar Sentry (#1)

Radar Sentry (#2)

Radar Sentry (#3)

Radar Sentry (#4)

Radar Sentry (#5)

Radar Sentry (#6)

Radar Sentry (#7)

Driver Alert (#1)

Driver Alert (#2)

Driver Alert (#3)

Driver Alert (#4)

XK Radar Sentry (#1)

XK Radar Sentry (#2)

Senturion (#1)

Senturion (#2)

Fuzzbuster (#1)

Fuzzbuster (#2)

Fuzzbuster (#3)

Fuzzbuster (#4)

Fuzzbuster II

Fuzzbuster III

Fuzzbuster Elite

Fuzzbuster Elite II


Bearfinder Two+Two

Wawasee Alley Cat

Super Snooper

Snooper XK

Super Snooper LR

Road Patrol LR

Whistler Radar Eye

Whistler RE55-XK

Super Buster

Smokey Patrol

Double Nickel

Double Nickel XK

Fox XK

Fox XK (#2)

ARC Scout

Micro Scan

Good Buddy

Hi Receidar


Micro Radar 100

Screamin' Demon

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